‘Cats & Puppies’ is actually a love letter to Arlen “GRIFF” Griffin’s mother, Lenoir. In this book you will read the authors transparency, love and unique way to describe the woman who was pregnant at fifteen and delivered her first child of five at sixteen years old. “GRIFF” has created a platform of his own that has never been examined before. There is no book on the planet that directly helps and shows how to help women raising boys. The entire book is just a small collection of thoughts from a boy who not only saw his mother’s shortcomings but praised her through them all. 

The analogy of the title is simple; if a dog has puppies, and it is no longer able to care for its offspring, the puppies can be raised by a cat if necessary…as long as the cat begins to take care of the pups within 4 hours of them being born. Although in the beginning it seems like it could be an easy fit, it could be a little awkward, but become a working situation. 

The great part about ‘Cats & Puppies’ is the relevance. Women who also have daughters will enjoy this book. People without children will be able to prepare themselves for the balance needed to have kids, while having some fun tools to use when they decide to become a parent. Men who don’t have kids and were raised by their mother’s will also relate and feel like someone was reading their personal diary. 

As we all know, it’s very rare that you have the opportunity to read a book that is hard to ‘put down.’ “GRIFF”, in his first literary effort has written a Classic! Most authors let you feel the characters that they’ve made up through a protagonist and antagonist point of view. Mr. Griffin IS the point of view. As a comedian, with almost seventeen years under his belt, he has learned to take his “no holds barred” attitude from the stage, and turn it directly into words on a page. The result: an international minded book that will be around long after Mr. Griffin.

Cats & Puppies