Comedian, motivational speaker and veteran on air personality.

Radio Host

“GRIFF” is cohost of Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell.

Process Success Foundation

“GRIFF” has forged his career at the intersection of faith, philanthropy and humor.


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News! I Needed That

News! I Needed That

I can’t even tell you guys how much this vacation was needed!!! My wife Leunika Griffin and I learned so much ... we were with a couple who celebrated 25 years Veronica Washington Watkins | a couple that celebrated 20 years Markus A McDaniel | and a couple that were...

News! My Mama

News! My Mama

Mama, your life has inspired me to do so many things & TAUGHT me how to do many things ... I don’t even know where to begin: Your ResilienceYour CompassionYour Servitude Your HumorYour SacrificeYour CompassionYour HeartYour Smile Your Love Your Memory Your...

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